Friday, October 5, 2012

HELLO.... HEllo....hello!




Yeah I'm still around. Still kicking... and kicking life around just as ever before!

Just when you think the impossible is just that, IMPOSSIBLE, it becomes reality.  And my reality is chaotic. It's like the energizer bunny, except on steroids. (Does anyone even remember the Energizer bunny?) It really just keeps going and going.... Well, you get the picture!

Anyway.... So much to share, both funny and sad things. Great things and not so great things. and of course tips and tricks that I have picked up or I have left behind closed doors and forgotten about them.....

I am going to be blogging more, because i think it is a necessity for my progress to have a written commitment of what I want to accomplish, and I also hold myself more accountable because I have to post publicly what my struggles are my weaknesses are.

Here is to starting again. I hope to never have to say that again because I will never stop (In my perfect world, right?)


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